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Hoarders Cleanup
Hoarders Cleanup


Hoarders homes can be unhealthy, dangerous or both—and dramatic action is required to address the problem and help the customer get on the road to recovery.
Rent a Mum offer Hoarding Clean Up Services ensuring that a deep cleaning project is always done with dignity and respect.


Hoarding means excessively collecting items that appear of little or no value and not being able to throw them away, resulting in unmanageable amounts of clutter.

It is considered to be a significant problem when:

  • The amount of clutter interferes with day to day living, for example, an unusable kitchen due to clutter, a bedroom or bathroom that is inaccessible.

  • Significant distress can be caused and have a negative effect on a person’s ability to function in everyday life.

Many sufferers who hoard have strong beliefs that there is a need for these things and they are of importance to them and find it hard to throw anything away.
With the right counselling and support, a sufferer can eventually live a normal life.

There is hope.


Cleaning the home of a hoarder is difficult, and requires an effective plan, the right equipment, and a detailed execution. Our professionals ensure proper removal of clutter, biohazard disposal, cleaning for salvageable items and a comprehensive cleaning including sanitising and deodorizing.

In many cases, due to the level of contamination in a hoarding environment, our highly trained technicians must utilise protective gear to avoid infection. Not only does a hoarding situation require experts who can navigate the issues, but also people who treat each client with compassion and respect.


  • What does hoarding clean up cost?

    The cost of Hoarding Clean Up can vary dramatically from one case to the next. Rent a Mum will provide you with a free estimate and onsite evaluation. They will explain in detail what services are going to be performed as well as any charges that are above and beyond the norm.

  • What if there are valuables in the hoarder’s house?

    Our highly trained staff put aside all valuables and any items that may have a monetary value. These items are shown to the responsible party and boxed up for further evaluation by the responsible party.

  • Will you outsource my projects to other assistants?

    We never outsource to anyone. When a project requires a team or another individual to assist because of time constraints or a large scope of work, this will be discussed in detail with and approved by, all responsible parties before we begin.

  • What do your services generally involve?

    We have a strict policy of never discussing your business with anyone unless you agree well in advance as to the exact purpose and nature of the conversation. You may sign a client confidentiality agreement if you so choose.


  • Estate clearing and decluttering

  • Complete clearing of hoarded premises

  • Preparation for estate sale

  • Complete itemized inventory of valuables

  • Appliance & automotive recycling

  • Removal of faeces, urine & other organic matter

  • Sort, categorize & organize possessions to keep, donate, sell, or discard

  • Deep Cleaning