Commercial Floor Cleaning
Hard Surface Cleaning


Rent a Mum pride themselves on the many professional services that they provide to their loyal customer base and for customers using us for the very first time. Our main services include the cleaning, restoration, & sealing of all tile and natural stone floors and surfaces.


We have the training & experience with those tough Strip and Seal tasks!
Strip & Sealing your floor will extend its life and bring back its beauty, it also adds a protective layer to withstand scratches and other possible accidental damage that can occur.

Hard Floor Cleaning

We can clean, restore and seal any tile, stone or hard surface in either residential or commercial environments thus providing a stimulating working environment for your employees, and a warm welcome for your customers and visitors. R.A.M provides a comprehensive hard floor cleaning and maintenance service.

Stone & Slate Cleaning

Our slate and stone floor cleaning and sealing service for limestone, marble, and travertine completely revives and protects with the minimum disruption.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

As specialist wood floor cleaning contractors, our services include floor polish stripping and removal of surface coatings, mechanical deep cleaning and floor restoration with an application of sealers, polishes or oil.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Our stripping, deep cleaning, and sealing services will restore your commercial floor to its peak performance and presentation


Clean strip seal and restoration of the following surfaces and Businesses: Basketball courts, Daycare centers, Dentists, Dealerships.

  • Vinyl.

  • Lino.

  • Slate.

  • Stone – such as granite and marble.

  • Terrazzo.

  • Driveways.

  • Paths.

  • Pool Areas.

  • Fireplaces  mantle.

Floor Strip & Sealing

Vinyl Strip & Sealing

Vinyl and linoleum floors are prone to lose their luster due to wax buildup which causes unsightly yellow discoloration. This filmy coating allows dirt and grime to become more visible creating scratches and abrasions, further dulling and damaging the floor’s surface. We can restore your floor by stripping the old finish and sealer, resurfacing it with a premium sealer and floor finish and buffing the surface to a glossy sheen. This three-step process will reduce marks and scratches, shield against soil penetration and abrasion and extend the life of your floor.

Natural Stone Stip & Sealing

Although marble, granite, limestone, slate, travertine, terrazzo and other natural stone are hard surfaces, they are still susceptible to scratching and even staining. Improper cleaning can break down the sealer, thereby removing its protective properties, as well as etch away the polish and discolor the surface. Rent A Mum can grind and hone your natural stone floors to remove scratches and etches, as well as correct lippage (the difference in elevation between the edges of adjacent tiles). We then polish the surface to restore its original luster and, if applicable, apply a tough sealer that will guard your floor against water, oil and dirt penetration.

Sealed Floor Maintenance

If your sealed floor’s finish has become dull, eaten away, or has become less slip and fall resistant, we can help you.  We use only the finest quality sealers and top of the line equipment to create a long-lasting shine that will enhance the look of your building’s floors.


  • First time Sealing for brand new floors.
  • Buffing to revive a new shine.
  • Wash & Re-Seal
  • Complete Strip & Re-Seal